Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zombie Weekend Roundup

Friday, Oct. 22: First Annual Hartford Zombie Pub Crawl @ Downtown Hartford
Friday, Oct. 22: First Annual Northwest CT Harvest Festival @ Main Street, Torrington
Saturday, Oct. 23: Northampton Zombie Pub Crawl

We've heard of zombie pub crawls before, but never actually been on one, so we're pleased that some enterprising individuals got one going for Hartford. Paradoxically, these enterprising folks are also kind of lazy, because their crawl only features three locations: The Pigs Eye Pub (7:30-8:30 p.m.); McKinnon's (8:30-10 p.m.); City Steam Brewery (10-11:30 p.m.). Perhaps they are anticipating participants' actually crawling from pub to pub.

But if you're comfortable with evolution like the Scenics and you know that 28 Days Later is only like the best zombie movie ever and that zombies can cover a lot more ground than that - quickly! Contemporary fast zombies may prefer the Northampton zombie pub crawl on Saturday night which starts earlier, ends later and includes seven different venues. We suspect some zombies will be attending both.

And finally: it's not exactly a pub crawl, but Torrington is getting in on the zombie game this weekend too, with many participating businesses offering "VIP" treatment (discounts, etc.) to zombie attendees of the First Annual Northwest CT Harvest Festival happening Friday evening on Main Street from 5-9 p.m.

In case you missed it the first time, we recently got some great zombie makeup tips and shared them with you.


  1. Here are some of the VIP Zombie deals you'll get in Torrington this Friday 10/22 at the Harvest Festival 5pm-9pm:

    *Brazen Betties = 20% off one item
    *Snapper Magee's = Buy 1 get 1 free drink
    *Toy Jam = 20% off one item
    *Remember When (vintage store) = 20% off clothing, jewelry & furs
    *Platinum Salon = 20% off hair products
    *Bogey's Restaurant & Pub = Buy 1 get 1 drink
    *Warner Theatre = BOGO free opening night Warner Stage Company show (expires 10/23)
    *Nirvana = 10% off entire order
    *In Sheep's Clothing = 20% off yarn purchase
    *Scents & Sensibilities = 10% off entire order

    Put on your zombie best! See you there!!

  2. Rawr! Wha no Brains?!? Me wants Brains...

  3. Oh! Forgot to mention that Torrington Harvest Festival Zombies are to check in at the visitors tent to receive their VIP Zombie punch cards in order to eat brainssss and get discounts.