Sunday, October 24, 2010

Throwback Italian Dining

Warning: Vegans & Straight Edger's are urged to avoid the following post.

DH Scenic lives in a castle. A mid-century modern castle. Unfortunately, like castles of old, the imposing stone walls (in this case, brick and concrete block) are not all warm and cosy, especially with today's wet and cold fall weather.

Longing for a traditional dinner set in, and the question of satiating the urge needed to be addressed (CT Scenics always need to satiate their urges post haste). My first thought was doing it Thanksgiving style, but those are hard to come by, and if the Turkey isn't fresh from the oven it tends to be dry. Well, one bird's as good as another I suppose (See what Cab Calloway and Nas have to say about this).

I've been to Concetta's before, it's an old school Italian place nestled into a quiet corner of a suburban mall dating back to the 60's (Befitting a true old-school gem, there is no website, but plenty of 3rd party sites have it listed). It would fit the bill perfectly, I didn't want to change out of an old brown sweatshirt or worry about nothin'.

The menu consists of the standard Italian fare, with decent pizza options and politically incorrect Veal entrees. Decor is period correct, about 1979. Non-ironic.

After settling into my booth, the first order of business was alcohol. Concetta's offers a value priced selection of decent cheap wines, which was just what the doctor ordered. A glass of LaVilla Merlot went quite a ways towards making everything better. At Concetta's you don't have to worry about the political fallout of ordering red with fowl or fish.

Entree's come with the traditional hot bread and a salad. The salad is the standard 70's fare, iceberg lettuce with a couple of sliced cukes and a tomato wedge, but the house dressing is a delish creamy italian with a pronounced parmesan flavor.

Finally, my entree' arrived, I went for the Chicken Picatta. Two really large chicken breasts sat on a bed of shells swimming in a white wine, lemon and butter sauce with capers.

That's half of it. Really. I guess I hadn't eaten anything all day. Trust me, it was huge.

Yes, I know, but sloppy wine steward be damned, no shy glasses here.

All in all, a satisfying dining experience. The main courses go from about $15-18, a bottle of wine is $15. With a date who can appreciate your ability to time travel about 30 years into the past I think you'll have a great time.

As I left the restaurant I noticed that someone had parked their early 2000's Honda Insight behind my trusty Honda Wagon.

The only reason I mention this is because I have been contemplating trading in my wagon for a early 2000's Honda Insight. Is this a sign? I hope not. The last time I got a car related sign I ended up flying out to Iowa and driving back to CT in a 1972 Volvo P1800es.

Upon my return to the castle I found that there had been some kind of pumpkin carving contest and photo shoot

My favorite was this cat-o-latern.

Do you have a favorite throwback dining establishment? Hip us to it via email and maybe you'll spy the Scenics there, wearing their best vintage polyester.

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