Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Body Slow Brain reached out and touched us

Monday, Oct. 4: Gavin Castleton, Happy Body Slow Brain @ The Space, Hamden

We love getting email at CT Scenic. Because it almost never happens, it's always special, as most people seem to think Facebook invites are an acceptable excuse for communication these days... The latest/only thing to rock our inbox this week is Happy Body Slow Brain, a proggy/electronica outfit featuring former members (Matt Fazzi and Isaac Boliver) of Taking Back Sunday, a band we're too old to know much about - which made this e-contact all the more special for us. We like what we hear (quickie first impression: mellow and spacey), and admire Matt's rectangular glasses.

Here's some interview footage with Fazzi about the band, which was going by the term "side project" at the time, but seems to have since become his main dealie:

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