Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rocky Horror Live

The Rocky Horror Show @ Warner Theatre, Torrington

Hey, what do you know? The most important town in Connecticut (if CT Scenic posts are any kind of indication), Torrington, has Rocky Horror live at the Warner Theatre Oct. 23 & 30. We enjoyed the film, and generally enjoy dudes in lingerie, so this sounds like fun. But seriously, is there no spontaneity anymore? The theatre will be providing participation bags for $5 and you can't bring your own crap (it will be confiscated). Theatre provided bags will include latex gloves, water pistol, etc. Latex, really? That's a common allergen! We recommend vinyl. Food throwing is also forbidden. However, we anticipate that you won't have even a crumb left over from your delicious pre-show meal from Rocket.

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  1. They're also doing it at 8PM on Friday, Oct 22nd which is during the NW CT Harvest Festival on Main St.