Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girl Talk: VAz & Vendors

Because we're famous ladybloggers, Jackie and I were invited to attend the most recent ladyvending extravaganza and party by VAz Media (self-proclaimed "feminine, fabulous, fun" ladyevent planners). That sounds just like us, right?

VAz's swanky anniversary event was held at the Society Room and ran parallel to two other parties we had to make it to downtown last Thursday, but somehow we managed to put in an appearance. And we're glad we did, because even though we spent the earlier portion of the night referring to this party as the vajazzle thing, it turns out there were vendors there who we would totally patronize if we ever had "extra cash." Alas, there was no vajazzling. But there were whimsically decorated bras to cure breast cancer.

A few CT-based businesses stood out. We'd like to get our hair did at Hot, Rock & Dye of Windsor, a salon for women and men with that retro-pinup vibe that's been so trendy these past fifty years. They appear to be your go-to girls for killer bangs, color streaks, and make-up tips (we could probably use those).

At the Adarios (Ada Rios, actually) Mayan Secrets booth, we smelled truly exquisite all-natural body care products. We may be very sarcastic, but that doesn't mean we don't also want to smell delicious at best, inoffensive at worst.

This amusing "Free Martha" sweatshirt caught our eyes, and we were psyched to find out that there is an edgy independent clothing boutique in Hartford, Vice Versa. We suspect their clothing may be a little too awesome (expensive) for us, but that doesn't mean we can't look.

Well, all this gushing endorsement and aspirational window shopping has made me feel a little soft and cheap. It bears mentioning that shit like this, also present at the event, is always just insulting:

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