Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lipgloss Crisis presents lively Day of the Dead

Friday, October 29: Day of the Dead art show and party @ BRU Cafe & Cafe Nine, New Haven

This event has too much action for just one venue. Lipgloss Crisis isn't just what happens when Katie Scenic misplaces her Burt's Bees (damn that shit's pricey). We didn't know it at the time, but we actually spotted Lipgloss Crisis (a human being) out and about in New Haven one night and took stealthy pictures of her because she is so damn smokin. Later we saw her picture and her art at Brazen Betties, and realized she's CT famous. And now we're looking forward to checking out her extravaganza in New Haven this Friday. [UPDATE: Oops, we got the wrong girl. The chica we stalked is the model, not the photog, but the story is better this way, so let's pretend! Anyway, bet we still see her or her picture there.]

It all starts with a Halloween/Day of the Dead themed group art show at the BRU Cafe, which will run 6-10 p.m. and include some sideshow antics by Circus Delecti. Then there's another whole event's worth of fun all night at Cafe Nine, which will include burlesque performers, go-go gals, derby chicks, hula hooping, and music by The Simple Pleasure. Costumes are encouraged.

This event would probably be a boatload of cool even if just the performers showed up (not that that's going to happen!), so we feel pretty confident promising it's going to be a hot night out. And at only $5 (for the Cafe Nine portion), the price is pretty right too.

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  1. Don't forget us, All Systems Go-Go! That's us in blue sequins!