Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Not To Hear: Cute Is What We Aim For

Friday, Oct. 22: Cute Is What We Aim For @ Webster Theater, Hartford

Condensed version: Dude, you missed.

Long-winded version: I haven't posted any "What Not To Hear" lately, because as I've sometimes explained to friends who humor my talking about my blog, this feature is reserved for those acts that trigger my gag reflex, not just bands I don't particularly like. I've avoided knowing anything about this band based on their stupid contempo emo-punk name, and then I saw this dude's picture, who is sooo not at all cute, and that punch-me-in-the-face expression, so what is that, irony? Further investigation revealed their music is every bit as blandly terrible as you'd expect from the name and the look. Their schtick seems to be lyrics about being such clever and awkward dudes, juxtaposed with endless video imagery of hot, scantily clad chicks, but somehow we're supposed to recognize that they are actually above the stupidity of hot chicks (because hot = dumb & shallow) and the obviousness of video girls, because irony again?

If any of you can somehow manage a tourbus hang with these guys, let me know whether the girls are "provocative and talkative" or "shallow as a shower."

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  1. BTW, what is that thing around his neck? A hot air balloon? A jelly fish?