Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Wentz it came: Black Cards @ the Webster

Thursday, Oct. 14: Black Cards, The Queen Killing Kings @ The Webster Underground, Hartford

We're excited to hear what Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy (we totally like them) has been up to lately and can hardly believe his new project, Black Cards will be playing at the Webster, whose calendar is currently looking a lot hotter than that of Toad's Place, which is looking abysmal, so HA! Take that, New Haven. So much for Scenic Envy!

Black Cards is cloaked in a bit of mystery, what with their no-content website and all, but this is what you can get away with when you're already famous. We like what we've heard over on the Youtube - Black Cards is danceable pop with a hottie female vocalist, special guests from the likes of Panic at the Disco (we like them too, OK?), and influences from recent hot trends like the retro soul vibe of Amy Winehouse (we totally love her!). And rap. Rap is a recent hot trend, right? We're interested to see/hear what shape this takes live.

We've mentioned hott CT act The Queen Killing Kings on the blog before and are psyched to see them booked for this gig. Hopefully Wentz has the taste and contracts in place to keep the number of crappy ticket-selling opening bands to a minimum and only play out with locals that don't suck. Reacquaint yourself with The Queen Killing Kings, immediately:

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