Monday, March 21, 2011

New Haven: Get Ready to Scream

Thursday, March 24: You Scream I Scream, Mixtape & John Parson @ Cafe Nine, New Haven

(Audrey just threw up in her ears a little bit)

Don't be fooled by this picture of the key players (but not the keyboard player) from You Scream I Scream doing their very best impression of an insufferable couple/duo band (you know how we totally hate those). We happen to know YSIS both personally and musically and know that they aren't even a duo and they happen to be quite sufferable besides. We've seen them draw an impressive crowd in Hartford, where they put on a highly entertaining show featuring some of the sexiest background vocalists we've ever seen. Yes, we're being all inside jokey to please our friends. What else is new? This is a fun band. DH and Katie Scenic enjoyed being extras in their music video last year. See it for yourself. Spot the Scenics, and maybe you'll dig the band too! 

How will they fare against the slightly less desperate, less eager to settle-for-mediocrity-because-people-are-nice New Haven scene? Find out Thursday at Cafe Nine.

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