Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Haven Hipster Venue Drama

Friday, January 21: Treebeard, Gasoline Therapy and Murdervan* @ Elm Bar, New Haven

Over on Facebook we noticed that some of our sexy New Haven friends were attending "Elm Bar's First Show," prompting questions like "What is this Elm Bar?" and "Why weren't we invited?" Maybe we were invited... who wants to wade through all those terrible Facebook invites? Why do we have to keep clicking see all invites after we already clicked see all? Too annoying!

Well, Elm Bar is what sprouted up in the old Rudy's location. We expressed our enthusiasm for "New Rudy's" back when we heard about the proprietor of Old Rudy's getting rent-jacked out and planning to open in a new location with an extended menu of Belgian delights. We happened to drive past Future New Rudy's last night after 80s Skating with the Death Quads (which was totally awesome), and were tantalized all over again in anticipation of fries and burgers and waffles and shit promised by signs on the boarded-in-for-construction exterior. Indeed, we had enjoyed many a live gig at  Old Rudy's - starting "back in the day" with somewhat-famous friends-of-the-blog Alabama Thunderpussy, and into the Scenic era for shows by The Midnightmares and 420 Blackbirds. We felt some affection for the dingy Prancing Pony-esque atmosphere of the place, but we were mostly all about the bands and the Belgian fries, and we weren't about to cry over the loss of those icky bathrooms. 

So we thought it seemed a little douchey when we heard that "they" (the Chinese restaurant/new renters/can't-be-arsed) were just going to reopen the location as a Rudy's-esque bar. According to a recent story in the New Haven Advocate, it goes beyond Rudys-esque - tapping former bartending talent, etc. (We didn't ever go there often enough to get on a first-name basis with these peeps, so we cannot attest personally to their old school awesomeness.) This all sounds like too much sleazy scene drama from a scene that we're not really any part of for us to feel very strongly about. We'll probably check out this new venue if we like a band playing there, and we're still looking forward to the prospect of New Rudy's, and hope that it won't be like Hartford's Steve & Sully's which - after Steve got the boot/left/whatever-actually-happened a few loyalists followed to pursue alcoholism at other venues - went on to become a successful jam rock/reggae venue and drug den and Steve went on to open a failing business.

Can New Haven's hipster economy support TWO new businesses? Stay tuned to Scenic Envy.

*if bands can be bothered to have a website outside of social networking, we can't always be bothered to link them, sorry, get a blogspot, laziest thing in the world!

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