Monday, June 28, 2010

We, for some, welcome our "Nu-Rudy's" overlords

We've heard a lot of boo-hooing around the FB and real world about the impending relocation of Rudy's, one of our long-time favorite New Haven venues (we've blogged them up a few times). But we read the same article everyone else did and came away from it feeling optimistic. Because what we like about Rudy's is that good bands play there, and their Belgian fries are delicious. We're not like in love with the fact that the bathrooms are tiny and gross, or that the bands have to play on a stage the size of a kitchen table, and the room they play in is also small and painfully loud, and you can't see from other areas of the club. So we see this move as an opportunity for improvement. Perhaps some sad scenesters' vision was so blurred they missed THIS:
He said he’s planning to run a restaurant with a full kitchen, so that beers may be coupled with mussels or Belgian waffles, in addition to his famous Belgian frites.

And this:
when customers enter two back rooms, then they’ll “see the old Rudy’s,” Ipek said. One room, a former juice bar, will hold a stage for live music and karaoke. A second will hold the Rudy’s pool table, he said. Characteristic Rudy’s decor—a carved bench, and the boxes of salvaged memorabilia—will sit in those two rooms. “When you get there, you’ll feel like you’re at Rudy’s,” Ipek promised. Only “the bathroom will be cleaner.”

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