Wednesday, June 23, 2010

See you Soon Fire-N-Spice: Hope Not Sporadically!

Last night the Scenics went out for a romantic dinner in the West End. We hit up that vegan spot on Sisson Ave, y'know, the one that closes every couple years and reopens with a new name? It's currently called Fire-n-Spice and is a self-proclaimed "vegan restaurant and sports cafe". Um, what? The only "sport" we encountered was some little kid driving a remote-control car into our chairs. Endearing at first, then annoying.

The menu is all vegan, and has a substantial raw selection, however, most of the raw entrees need to be ordered "1-24 hours in advance. Wouldn't it take less time to not cook something? Similar to it's presdessors, the food is kept mostly in vats at the counter. The server walked us through the options, including various grains, tofu, tempeh and vegetable dishes. Katie and DH Scenic chose some items from the vats and Jackie Scenic ordered a tempeh burger.

While we waited on the burger, we amused ourselves with a game called "Conversations To Go" that we found on the counter.

The game is just a box of little cards with conversation starters on them. Some highlights:

Question: What one thing do you think about most often?
Answers included: "nailing something in my basement"*, "lesbian drama" and "suicide/regret".

(If you can match these answers with the correct Scenic, we will totally give you a cool prize.**)

Question: What's the next movie you would rent?
Answer: "Clueless" (consensus)

(The title of this post is a Clueless reference! See?)

The food was all very delicious and guilt-free. The service was not the greatest, but I later realized that the guy was probably just stoned. Whatevs. It's nice to have somewhere to get not only a good selection of vegan food, but raw food as well. At home it's easy enough to cut up an apple, but if you want something interesting, you might as well have someone else make it for you. (Who has time to dehydrate these days?) They also have a bunch of juices and $2 wheatgrass shots on the menu, but we didn't go there.

*That "something" being wood to concrete

**Probably some Sillybandz

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