Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Night Live: Punk at Snapper Magee's

I've explored some of the daytime delights of "charming little Torrington" (as we've referred to it in my family for years) and blogged 'em up before, but last night I took on Torrington after dark on the suggestion of friend-of-the-blog Julia Sloan (Ms. Brazen Betties) and took in a night of live music at Snapper Magee's, which will be my local pub after I move to Torrington, or should I call it "the next Collinsville." Jackie Scenic couldn't be with me last night (which sucks, cuz she would have loved this joint) but my Substitute Scenic and I determined that Torrington is ripe for - if not already on its way to - an artsy fartsy hipster revival. The evening was basically a tube of wonderful - the club, the bands, the peeps were all just great -,so snark and hilarity in this post will be minimal (sorry!).

Snapper Magee's is plenty adorable on the inside, with walls and ceiling plastered with classic concert posters, pinup inspired art, naked ladies and demon women, and in spite of cheap booze prices and a somewhat "divey" vibe, they have a good selection of drink for snobs like me to choose from (I chose Magner's). Julia is like the mayor of Torrington, so she introduced me to the owner, relevant local cultural leaders and pointed out the coolest shit on the walls (and ceiling).

The first band was AmRev II, a ska-inflected punk outfit. I was impressed with their look and their sound. They were playing as a two-piece, which I assumed was on purpose, but apparently there was an absent bass player.

My favorite band of the night was definitely Big Sister, straight outta Westchester. This female fronted punk act was reminiscent of early No Doubt, or current The Action Design, a cool-ass band I've mentioned before. They had super-high energy, catchy songs, and the contrast between frontlady Lauren's balls-out singing and self-deprecating between-song affect was extra endearing. Unfortunately they're not gonna be Big Sister anymore - a name change is imminent due to a conflict of band names with some other Big Sister, so stay tuned on that front.

I only caught the beginning of the set by Jukebox Romantics, but they were putting on an explosive show from what I saw. This band is having a hot-shit moment, about to embark on the Warped Tour (which comes to Hartford July 11), so now I can say I saw them when...

It was a bit of a slow night at Snapper's by everyone's account. But slow or no, the people who did come out were enthusiastic, well dressed, and nice (to me). The "small state" phenom struck again, as I reconnected with peeps I had classes with and someone I photographed at another event. I'll be looking out for more shows by Big Sister under their forthcoming new name, and would definitely hit up this downtown Torrington spot again.

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  1. I was at that show! awesome line up & a really good time all the way around!


  3. UGH!! I Love Love Love The Jukebox Romantics! I cant beleive I missed this show :(

  4. Hey I really like your piece about American Pinup! Im in a band called BoneThrower I was wondering if you would be willing to come check us out on april 15th. Were playing snappers. We have ton of other shows coming up if you are interested. If you can make it out we can throw you a free sampler and possibly a tshirt if there finished by then.

    Heres our reverb nation for more info

    hope all is well!!

  5. In case you wanted an update, Big Sister's name was changed to American Pinup, but they're still fantastic. They came out with their CD back in February. Jukebox is still going strong. Their latest CD, A Lion and a Guy, just dropped this past Tuesday. Definitely check them out any chance you get!!