Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesdays with Metal: Jucifer @ Daniel Street

Tuesday, June 29: Jucifer @ Daniel Street, Milford

Do you like heavy metal and sexy guy/girl lo-fi duo bands? Well, here's something for you: Jucifer. They're a Relapse band from the south (Georgia), so you know they get sludgy with it. They bring together elements of metal, grunge, stoner rock and weird screamy alternative chick music. Vocalist/guitarist Amber Valentine is a fierce and scary and talented, and a big hottie to boot. Also performing are Gloominous Doom, who have been described as a "thrash/ska fusion" (how unfortunate!) and some CT bands Old Man Lady Luck and Electric Bucket. These latter bands are too lazy to have websites besides MySpace, where you can check them out if you have a lot of patience for slow loading pages. This show, like most cool CT shows, is brought to us by the almost-always-awesome Manic Productions - check their calendar for other great stuff.

Check out this cool Jucifer video for "Pontius of Palia"

Bonus feature: check out similarly named band, Gluecifer (a now-defunct glammy punk band from Norway that I happen to enjoy - sure wish they were playing!):

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