Saturday, June 12, 2010

Delicious metal sludge

Monday, June 14: Eyehategod @ Daniel Street, Milford

Wow, I can't believe I'm having so much scenic envy for Milford this week, but they've got that pirate thingie, and this Monday they've got Eyehategod. Actually, Daniel Street has a pretty hot lineup in general thanks to Manic Productions. It's just hard for the Scenics to make it down there. Eyehategod are NOLA based sludge legends, and if that doesn't mean anything to you it's probably not worth explaining. I tried to get into Eyehategod as far back as high school, because that one sexy antisocial guy (who ended up being totes gay) had their t-shirt and I wanted to like whatever he liked, so I picked up a cassette at Music Outlet in Enfield. But I have to admit, this shit was a little too brutal for me, and it took experiencing the power of their live performance several years ago at the Webster Underground for me to really "get it," but I was really blown away at the time. The Daniel Street show will also feature some CT metal - Ipsissimus (we totally know them) and Iron Hand, along with Nachtmystium and Howl.

I feel like I could take these bands more seriously if they had something other than Myspace pages to link to. : ( Whatevs.

Got a real job? Can't make it out Monday? Check out Eyehategod tonight in Brooklyn at Europa, or Sunday in Providence at Hell.


  1. Dammit, I saw a bunch of metal guys walking around Greenpoint yesterday and had no idea this lineup was playing Europa til the guy at the bagel place told me he went to see them there last night.

  2. Sludge band I keep running across with different lineups but always enjoy is Sin of Angels from Rhode Island. Nothing innovative by any stretch but solid and br00tal low end worship.