Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kitties w/ Booze: Is this what you people want from us?

Facebook has been a great boon to the blog, but we've noticed that our blog posts often go unnoticed there in favor of nonsense like cats being adorable with alcohol, which seems to rack up the *likes* and comments like they was going out of style. Doesn't anybody care about substance anymore?!




  1. PETA is on their way. regards, S. DEAL, Esq.

  2. A few years back, PETA started sending me their email newsletters out of the blue. It contained IPod contests so I tried to ignore their methods and be greedy. After awhile, my efforts failed miserably and I decided to unsubscribe. Turned out I wasn't the only one without a clue how I "signed up" for this "elective" mailing: PETA had no record of me being a recipient and therefore would require me to sign up before I could unsubscribe. At that point, I gave up and added their domain to my junk filters.