Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Amusements

We are unimpressed with this week's lineup of activities, so it's probably a good time to catch up some of those weekly events we take for granted.

Every Monday night in Essex, the hipsters and sailors set aside their differences and get together for a Sea Chantey Singalong. The Griswold Inn has been hosting this bizarre night for at least 4 years, as that was the last time we went. It was even more amazing than expected, the entire crowded bar swills mugs of beer and sings along with the band as they play traditional sea chanteys. It is quite a sight to behold. The most surprising part is that you probably know more sea chanteys than you ever would have guessed. Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park is also in full-swing.

Tuesdays there is a "Progressive Night" at Red Rock Tavern in Hartford. We assume this means a lot of irritating political conversation, so it's not exactly our scene, but it may be yours? Our sources tell us it's a good time and that a lot of "That's what she said" jokes are involved. We still think those are funny. Tuesday is also "Alternative" Night at Tisane in Hartford and Bar in New Haven. "Alternative" is a fancy word for queer.

Wednesday is a karaoke toss-up, Sully's vs. Chez. We spend a little too much time at Sully's, so it may be time to test out gayer waters. A million years ago the Chez was our boo, but we have since grown apart. We should probably check in with that ho. Oh, and sometimes they have free pizza.

There's something called "Liver Die Thursdays" at Pigs Eye Pub. The title is kind of hilarious, but it sounds like a douchefest. A Noho insider has alerted us to a queer night on Thursdays at Ye Olde Watering Hole. Apparently it started as a Guerrilla Queer Bar event and turned into a weekly. They also have a beer can museum, if you're into that, and they make drinks with freshly squeezed OJ. Sometimes you have to cross state lines to find the fun.

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  1. I go to the Progressive Happy Hour at Redrock on Tuesdays (9:30-ish till whenever) fairly often, and the discussions span the spectrum of topics, and are very rarely irritating. Most of the time it's just folks getting together and socializing, with a hearty helping of "that's what she said." Oh, and did I mention there's free curly fries?