Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Pirate Festival thing: it exists

Saturday, June 12: Captain Kidd's Treasure Hunt/Pirate Festival @ Downtown Milford

Today at one of our gigs, a coworker happened to mention how excited she was about "Pirate Day" this Saturday in Milford. Aaarrr, what say ye? Pirate Day? Apparently Charles Island off the coast of scenic Milford is one of several reputed possible sites of Captain Kidd's legendary buried booty, and this is excuse enough to celebrate with a day of pirate-related silliness, including a scavenger hunt, pirate comedy (hopefully all "aaarrrrr" jokes, that shit never gets old), and contests for talking like a pirate, salty dogging (huh?), and looking like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean (we'll just be over there shopping for new boyfriends... and girlfriends, presumably this is a gender-inclusive competition). There will also be entertainment whose pirate connections are nebulous at best - live bands, belly dancers, fife and drum music.

This is as good an occasion as any to strap on our peg legs and get out there... LOL - "strap on." JK, we're not even amputees. Here, enjoy "Pirate King" Kevin Kline (love him!):

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  1. There are a number of SCA-type Pirate recreation socities out there. Think that even Rhode Island has two. I guess that many peeps reacted to the Pirates of the Carribean series with a rather haughty "THAT'S not the way it happened!" or something.
    By the way this is off topic but I saw the Anvil documentary the other week and am currently listening to the album they worked on during it. Things started off all solid and Metal. However, I'm currently listening to a song in which Lippppppzzz informs us "life can be just like a game, boy" then explains how we always press A+B buttons or something to that affect. My strong suspicion as to wht tge band never caught on is the fact they're much lamer than their contemporaries. I mean come on... Anthrax only got that lyrically clunky on "I'm the Man" and even that was a quote from a Rodney Dangerfield film.