Friday, June 25, 2010

Lesbian Drama: Steel Magnolias

This week I can't really be bothered with CT happenings, but I'll have you all know I've been administering the blog in other ways (telling Jackie and DH what to write about, providing photos, letting them know if their jokes are good, etc.). It's also been very hot and humid, which is exhausting and unpleasant and just makes me want to sleep a lot. And watch TV.

As you may have already read, some of us here at CT Scenic (but no necessarily me, duh) have had lesbian drama on the brain, so maybe that's why when I watched Steel Magnolias this morning instead of doing something more productive or even blogging something more productive, I thought the best part of the movie was the hilarious and obviously gay relationship between bawdy old broads Ouiser and Clairee (Shirley McClaine and Olympia Dukakis). After skipping the trite-ass final scene, I hit the internets, hoping to find some ridiculous academic breakdown of the unspoken lesbianism in this movie. It must be out there. Shit, we know people that are gonna be doctors of roller derby. Academia is totally indiscriminate, and you can write whatever batshit thesis you want as long as you cite it proper - OMG that one bit in Mumford where he's all "I have a Ph. D" and she's all "Oh you're not a real doctor," and he's like "No, the fake kind"!

Anyway, I knew that the (male) gays are supposed to love Steel Magnolias in a campy kind of way, and I did find this interesting essay about the disappearing lesbians in the film versions of Fried Green Tomatoes and The Color Purple, but I didn't find any serious lesbian readings of Steel Magnolias through casual googling. However, I was happy to find some good references to Oiser wanting to stick it to Clairee (and to skipping the lame final scene) in this great post from, so now I don't feel totally off base.

This movie could have used a good closet-outing dose of Betty White. Damn it, Shelby, quit trying to hook Ouiser up with that timid old man - "You're barking up the wrong lesbian!"


  1. Thank for kinda being my friend, travel down the road if it's not raining or you're not feeling exceptionally old that night and back again in the unlikely event you actually went out. Your taste in music is not very tr00 but you're a pal and a confidant provided the secrets hold your interest. If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you know I wouldn't show unless there was free beer.

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