Sunday, September 20, 2009

Midweek Music: The Action Design

Wednesday: The Action Design @ The Space, Hamden

I used to write CD reviews for this magazine, and at first it was cool, because I was getting all published in a national publication, and oh! there's my name on the shelf at Borders. But big whoop, our target audience was apparently teenagers with questionable taste. The pay was terrible, and most of the music wasn't anything I'd want to hear a second time, so eventually it just wasn't worth it any more. Whatever satisfaction there is to be derived from writing mean-spirited snarky shit about someone's artistic effort is severely diminished when the crap artist in question is some no-name newcomer on an indie label, and not Taylor Swift or Creed or Velvet Revolver or anyone else insulated from insult by obscene wealth and success.

But once in a blue moon I'd actually get a CD that turned me on to my next favorite band, and it was, you know, and honor and a privilege to write thoughtful compliments about them and then get even linked on their website! I've got this one band (click that shit!) I even put on my iPod who appear to be sadly defunct already, and probably no one really got to know them, but they're in my rotation forever baby.

The Action Design are another hot band I got to review who were good for a good many spins. This female-fronted punkish pop band have the sound and sex appeal for bigger and better things (think No Doubt? Or Paramore, if you must) but you can see them this week at The Space, which is a kind of unfortunate venue choice for such an energetic band, but whatever, I'm sure they're gonna work it. The headliner is another all-lady band, Sick of Sarah, who also sound cool.

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