Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time of the Season: Fall

Autumn is upon us, its presence felt in earlier sunsets as well as colder nights calling for the warmth of layers of blankets and multiple cats. Oh, and earlier rising, for those morning classes. Is there any upside? Well, this changing of seasons has heralded the return of J. Foster's wonderful, seasonal pumpkin ice cream, and that is good news any way you scoop it (HA!). Oh dear, J. Foster's has let their webpage expire, but their ice cream (and gelato and sorbet) is alive and well and cheaper than Ben & Jerry's in Avon and Simbury locations.

There are other things to celebrate, as we bid adieu to daylight. For example: the end of tick season! Hopefully we've all survived another summer without contracting any disgusting tick-borne illnesses.

Bands, who spent the summer, not unlike the Gossip Girl gang, in Europe, will be back in the USA for fall tours. Hopefully they don't all skip Connecticut. And speaking of Gossip Girl: fall television.

And then there's fall fashion. I'll be "shopping my closet" like a proper recessionista (could these terms be any more annoying?) but just like people who can afford new things I'll be trading in my frisky frocks (as if) and silly sandals for better coverage via



and scarves.

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