Friday, September 18, 2009

This weekend we suggest you get out of town

In spite of our desire to find cool things to do in Connecticut, this weekend our sexy neighbors beckon, and if you have a tank of gas to play around with, we suggest taking a drive and checking out any of the following:

Tonight (Friday): Children of Bodom @ Lupo's, Providence, RI

Finland's Children of Bodom bring an air of rock stardom to every live performance. Their oft-deployed sense of humor saves them from any accusations of cheesiness for their guyliner or other goth posturing, and their playing is simply dazzling. Who else would hear a speed metal song in Creedence Clearwater Revival?

Saturday: Son Volt @ Pearl Street, Northampton, MA

And now for something completely different - indie rock legends! In our favorite town for meeting girls and eating... vegetables!

Newer, contemporary, hipsterly indie. We'd hit that.

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