Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Opening Act: Jann Klose

Friday: Jann Klose @ Sully's Pub, Hartford

Singer-songwriter Jann Klose has an exotic back story: born in Germany, raised in Africa, high school educated in... Cleveland? Yes, Cleveland. After fulfilling his civic duties to Germany, he relocated to the U.S., eventually landing in New York City and finding success as a performer with a couple of Broadway national touring companies. He's handsome and probably has a charming accent - the "total package." And by the way, he also writes some really nice, sophisticated sounding songs, which he will perform at Sully's this Friday, as an opening act for the very unfortunately named local band Straddledaddy. We would never, ever advise supporting that band under normal circumstances, even though we've never actually heard them, so be sure and get there early, and leave early too!

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