Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Connecticut Confection: Munson's

We were en route to visit out-of-town friends when it occurred to us that in spite of our ample wit and personal charms, polite guests never arrive empty handed. Ideally those hands should be filled with some kind of booze or dessert. Because we don't wish to be enablers, and we happened to be driving past a Munson's, we elected to go with the latter. Munson's is a Connecticut original - a family run business for over 60 years and blah blah blah. They make delicious chocolate, super-rich and sweet and creamy.

And now we know they also do ice cream, but we're not talking cones and sundaes. Munson's offers a brick of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream on a stick, freshly dipped in molten milk or dark chocolate, and a choice of toppings (like nuts and sprinkles). Or you can do it with a frozen banana - if you're really desperate! Ha! We couldn't stop giggling at the frozen banana, because we're incredibly immature. In our defense, we aren't the only ones to make that joke. We left laughing over a dipped strawberry brick and a banana, which were messy and amazing.

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