Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Blog Day!

We've reached some important milestones here at CT Scenic, and we, for one, couldn't be more chuffed about it. First, we went to see our newest pretend boyfriend Jann Klose play at Sully's, and not only was he as charming and talented and European(ish) as we had hoped, he had actually read our blog post about himself! We're really out there, on the "web" - aren't we?

And then just hours or maybe moments after we put up a post about a douchey musical act, we got some anonymous anti-hater hate comment business. Fantastic! We *heart* anonymous! We may be barefoot (socks, actually), pajama-clad and all that, but we are movin' on up.

In any event, we aren't going "monetize" and beg our friends to please please please click on shite adverts you don't want to know about. We remain committed to our state and scene, and delivering pure, unadulterated personal whim.

Jann and Chris bask in the Satanic aura of Sully's


  1. I like that cupcake and that picture of Jann and Chris. Would you share them with me?