Monday, September 14, 2009

Midweek Music: Mixed Bag

Tuesday: Melvins @ the Webster, Hartford

Honestly, we find the Melvins to be just a little bit scary but we like and admire many bands who like and admire the Melvins, so we allow for the possibility that this band must be seen to be heard, and that we would actually love them. And we found Melvins' mainman Buzz's comments to Lambgoat about why some other Seattle area bands made it so big and they didn't extremely amusing:
Dale and I are weird looking ugly creeps while all the front guys for those bands had a cute wounded "junkie" look that we could never have pulled off. For some reason chicks dig that sort of bullshit and so does MTV. I've never been able to figure out why women like what they do but generally when it comes to this sort of crap they seem to be totally vapid idiots. I honestly believe if Cobain, Cornell, and what's his face from Alice in Chains had looked like Fat Albert they wouldn't have sold ANY records.
The Melvins will be opening for Down, a band featuring a couple of guys from a couple cool bands (Eyehategod and Corrosion of Conformity) but unfortunately fronted by Pantera's macho man, Phil Anselmo. Here is a Melvins video where a guy turns into a cake. That's both disturbing and delicious:

An icon of American folk is playing at our new favorite venue! And while we're not exactly folkies, we are quite taken with Louden's brilliant offspring. Martha Wainwright's take on Leonard Cohen from I'm Your Man is gorgeous, and everything sexy gay Rufus Wainwright does is made out of wonderful. We understand it runs in the family.

Wednesday: Dead Meadow @ Daniel Street, Milford

This indie/shoegaze band sounds pleasantly gloomy and morose. We like that in a band. Also performing are Mountains and slide blues hipster duo Bottle Up & Go, who sound like a ton of fun.

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