Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Not to Hear: Shwayze

Wednesday: Shwayze @ Toad's Place

We're not quite clear as to whether Shwayze is just the black dude or the collaborative black hole (get it? they SUCK!) that forms when that guy gets together with greasy rich douche Cisco Adler (embarrassing fameball son of Lou), but we know we wouldn't take money to go see them play, or perform, or whatever it is they do this Wednesday at Toad's Place and we've yet to make it all the way through any of their musical odes to drinking and girls and doing nothing for a living. You can try and hear them out, or better yet, just don't.


  1. HATERZ always HATE when their HATIN'. Id rather be a rich douche that makes sick music than a broke one with a lame blog nobody reads unless they google Shwayze to find more dope music and end up here to tell u off!

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  3. oops! does this thing work? we'd like to be rich douches too. the quiet kind. thanks for letting us know the blog is working and not just a figment of our imaginations!