Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On Screen: Bobcat on Fatherhood

We admit to being a bit unfamiliar with Bob[cat] Goldthwait the auteur, but we're willing to learn, and we're certainly interested in anyone whose films are generally described in such terms as "misunderstood," "dark," "perverse," and "poorly received." In any case, he will always have our hearts for his memorable turn as a human/sock puppet mutant in one of our favorite oft-overlooked movies, Freaked:

Aw, whatever happened to Alex Winter anyway? (That was his auteur turn apparently.) But back to Mr. Goldthwait, whose latest work, World's Greatest Dad, is currently playing at New Haven's Criterion Cinema and opens this Friday at Hartford's Real Art Ways. We don't want to give the entire plot away like some other reviews, but we appreciate Goldthwait's willingness to describe a tragic teenaged character as basically an asshole, and the presence of Robin Williams as a bit of a failed parent, poet and teacher. We're not his biggest fans either, but we appreciate the stunt-castyness of it all, what with his much-lauded-but-actually-nauseating "inspirational" turns as a teacher in previous pictures.

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