Monday, January 17, 2011

80s Skating? Sure, why not.

Wednesday, January 19: 80s Roller Skating with the Death Quads @ Long Beach Skateland, Stratford

You know it's true: dressing 80s makes any social activity that much more fun, especially if, like 3/4 (OMG we have quarters!) of the Scenics, you are just a little too young and missed out on the hideous fashion the first time around. Well, we certainly weren't too young to enjoy roller skating in the 80s. And the Scenics have been on top of the currently burgeoning derby scene in CT. Wednesday night's participatory skate with the dudes of derby sounds like fun. Yes, that's right - they couldn't let chicks have this one thing. Next they're gonna want to be burlesque dancers. No really, that's nice, it sounds fun. Everything is better with hipsters and irony. Maybe we'll go! Can we get falafel in Stratford?

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