Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Blogger: Presenting Laura Fitzscenic

Apologies for the utter lack of posting so far this year, but it's winter in New England and CT Scenic happens to be operated unpaid by depressive types, so motivation levels have been rock bottom. We asked ourselves, "What would Big Love do?" and the answer was obvious: THIRD WIFE! (In case organizational structure around here is unclear, Katie Scenic = Bill Paxton, which means our Irish cousin Laura Fitzscenic is totes Margene, and we have impossibly high expectations for this enthusiastic pixie/"reformed" party girl to lift us all up out of our ruts, and have loads of babies for us. And by babies, we mean blog posts - cause ugh, babies.)

(Stylistas Laura and Katie have been working 
on a new line of eyewear, SuperScenic Vision!)

Jackie found Laura for us the old fasioned way - through OK Cupid! She wooed her with a flattering blog post. And in a classic dick move, arranged to meet her at a Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways and then didn't show (or did, but for drama's sake... who can remember?). Luckily, Katie Scenic was there was there to pick up the pieces, and Laura has since been rapidly promoted through the ranks of real-life friends with all of us, and has been along for the ride on many a Scenic outing. 

 (the night we met)

We wouldn't let just anybody share the privilege of blogging, but Laura has proven herself to be Scenic through and through. Like that time we presented The Human Centipede and she created an original jewelry item for the occasion. And Fitzscenic wasn't afraid to 'pede up herself. Check out this great Halloween photo:

(That's Fitzscenic in the middle)

Laura is always down for Scenic favorite activities, like eating pho, talking shit and totally living at Tisane. But best of all, she also up for trying new shit, and frequently leaves Hartford to visit CT towns we've barely heard of, like Madison. We can't wait to hear all about it!

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