Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sentimental Value: Jesse Malin

Friday, January 14: Jesse Malin @ The Space, Hamden

Jesse Malin has enjoyed critical acclaim and an adoring following during his "second act" as a musician, albeit without anyone really remembering his first act, D Generation (I know I don't). He was brought to my attention by some fine publicist back in my professional journalism days. I was quite taken with his album The Heat, and I interviewed him and wrote flattering things about him for the newspaper at that time. My friends and I checked him out live, and were quite charmed by his performance. So was Northampton apparently, because he kept coming back to the Iron Horse and so did we for the next few years. Malin is a great between song banter artist and engaging storyteller (I've mentioned before that I would totally go for an all banter set by certain of music's sharper wits). Malin's onstage persona is all about nostalgia for New York city's grittier times and the heydays of punk and glam, and his lyrics often reflect a jadedness about the rock n roll life and rock n roll casualties. Malin's hipster cred includes being BFFs with my boyfriend Ryan Adams and past collabs with The Boss (who is inexplicably hipster credible in recent years... look I don't make the rules, I just observe. Let's just be glad indie rock got over that Eagles derivative business that was going around, I mean, WTF).

Check out one of my favorite Malin songs with a typically wordy introduction:

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