Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Butterfly Karaoke is No Joke!

The final scenic destination of this past Saturday night wound up being karaoke at Butterfly, that Chinese restaurant on Farmington Ave in West Hartford. We've already told you about (and showed you!) the joy of attention whoring in the form of serenading your friends and countless strangers in a bar. We also like to be karaoke spectators and take in the free entertainment. The thing about karaoke, is that even when its bad, its good. Be drunk. Be loud. Have fun! Just make sure you know the words, and we will probably enjoy you as much (if not more) than your more talented counterpart.

There's Little Laura Fitzscenic, subjecting the audience to her rendition of "Hungry Like the Wolf".

Butterfly's karaoke nights tend to stand out from the others we've been to for several reasons. First of all, where else can you dine while listening to live classical music of a baby grand piano, and then step into the bar, where people are getting trashed with a guy singing George Michael's "I Want Your Sex"?

Also, Butterfly crowd is known for having a more serious element thrown into the mix; in addition to your usual range of amateur singers, this place gets frequented by theater folks and those with serious aspirations of becoming American Idol contestants. The regulars include a guy who sings at least one Meatloaf song a night, so powerfully that he can be heard from the parking lot. Then there is this other guy who has been rumored to bring his own microphone. That's dedication!*

There is no shortage of attention whores in this place, so you need to get there early enough to put your song in if you expect to have a turn. The fun starts around 9:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, and usually goes until close.

A friend of the blog recently wrote this great article to help you avoid karaoke pitfalls, such as being the guy who performs "Don't Stop Believing" for the millionth time. So take notes, superstar, and we'll see you on stage!


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  1. simonev45@gmail.comJanuary 18, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Mommy Scenic has made a fool of herself a number of times doing karaoke.....thanks for posting this one. my favorite: "Let it Be"....the worst karaoke guys are the ones who try to imitate Sinatra!