Friday, January 21, 2011

The best in background music - DJ Norman Beats @ The Half Door

Mondays & Thursdays: Are You Looking for the Beats? @ The Half Door, Hartford

Some guy at a bar with an iPod may not sound like hot, blogworthy news, but when that guy is friend-of-the-blog DJ Norman Beats (or Anthony as we like to call him) and his iPod is, dare we admit, full of even cooler music than our iPods, and he knows what we want to hear better than we do, it's worth noting. We pretty much hate club music of all types, and even we get tired of karaoke now and then. But we never get tired of eating, drinking, or hanging out with our BFFs. The Half Door is certainly not a new venue for us, but in recent months has become a much cooler destination, thanks to elite indie rock sets by Mr. Beats (who is also Tuesday Trivia guy, which is great fun as well, at least when we won, that one time).  Oh, and monthly gigs by our sweethearts, Sidewalk Dave (next one is January 26). After last night's Creative Cocktail Hour we needed someplace to keep on boozing and blabbing. At the Half Door we enjoyed luxurious beers (including delicious Young's chocolate stout), greasy apps, a guy with stunning facial hair, and tunes by Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, Ambulance LTD, Queen, Kaiser Chiefs, Joy Division and Lady Gaga, among others, and a final karaoke-style Take That serenade by our DJ pal, who we (easily) coerced into posing for this unflattering photo featuring SuperScenic Vision!

The Half Door: We totally drink there.

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