Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please help us be winners - we are your favorite, no?

After careful consideration, we truly feel deserving of this designation. We've seen other CT blogs, and while most of them do whatever thing it is they set out to do (discuss politics, music, being a guy living in Hartford, etc.), we can't help but notice what many of them don't do - update frequently, make us laugh, adopt a snappy, "snarky" blog-like tone, link, link, link, acknowledge that they are not a newspaper and that people don't actually want to read lengthy descriptions of... anything, etc. Amiright? And what other totally unpaid, volunteer operated blog threw an awesome party and got everyone drunk for a song last year? Or made The Human Centipede a fun, participatory experience? We can't think of any.

Now we know that Colin McEnroe is pretty much going to win this category forever, because he's a popular, long-established, professional (gets paid) radio and newspaper personality with a commercial platform who writes an amusing and intelligent column that his newspaper chooses to call a blog. But we would be very, very happy to win second place in this category. And if we do, we promise to throw another party to celebrate. 

Don't be lazy - actually vote!

Thank you!

-Team Scenic

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