Monday, August 9, 2010

In Case You Missed It: The Blogaversary Bash

I am so fucking proud of this blog and so totally proud of our awesome First Blogaversary Party which went down Saturday. I mean, "we totally blog here," but this was our opportunity to do instead of just comment and actually make something scenic happen. Earlier this year, someone asked me what I would want to do for my ideal birthday celebration, and I said I'd really like to put on a show with some hot band that I want to push on people, and loads of people would come and have a drunken good time and love the music. Well, on my actual birthday, I just went to my crappy job and my unpaid internship as usual and then let some drunk girl hump my leg on stage to Lady Gaga karaoke, which was pretty ok birthday stuff I suppose... But with this Blogaversary I got my event promoter fantasy (and a few others) fulfilled.

Let us take a moment to appreciate Jackie Scenic's excellent flier for our gig one more time:

That's your fine bloggers' faces MS Paint-shopped onto the bodies of Three's Company, in case you missed it.With a flier like that, I don't know who could resist our gig.

I mean, obviously some people resisted, but the turnout was just fine. The major stress involved in party-planning was refreshment shopping. Trying to calculate how many people we thought would show up and how much they could possibly drink. Our math turned out pretty perfectly - we didn't run out of anything essential, and didn't have too too much left over either. At a Scenic party you'll never drink like common people, so we had a drink agenda in effect which did not allow for any chintzy crap like cola or other lame mixers. We served you Dark & Scenics (Bacardi dark rum + Gosling's ginger beer), Tom Scenics (Gin, selzer and organic lemonade), and Scenic Screwdrivers (vodka + Polar orange dry), with some variations thereon, and you loved that shit. You drank it up. (So did we, perhaps to excess).

Donuts from Luke's and Windsor Donut & Deli were a big hit as well, and our hearts were warmed to see our friends and fans, including many Scenic celebrities, indulging:

Look, that's Tom Pizzola, much beloved/reviled area music critic

Sidewalk Dave's adorable drummer, Bruce is clearly loving it

Rubber Pants drummer Jeffrey is definitely interested (what's up with drummers and donuts?!)

Fashion icon and living legend JCC is obviously metabolically gifted.

Our entertainment for the evening was awesome. We already liked Sidewalk Dave, but now we can upgrade him/them to Katie Scenic's pretend boyfriend status, because they were just so great, and adorable and nice to boot. And rocking harder and twangier than we expected - much to everyone's delight. They turned up the heat on our party and we're pretty sure they landed some new fans. Totally go check them out, they have some upcoming area gigs. And style for miles:

The Midnighmares brought their raucous punk rock theatrics, perfectly timed to coincide with the party's maximum alcohol buzz. Special props to lead screamer and one of our newest BFFs Rachael Pixie, who is always dressed to impress and poses like no other:

Everybody loved the space, which we can't take any credit for really, except for having the good taste to book it. We rented Monster Lab Recording Studio for the evening (and the excellent technical services of Monster/Sexy MF Ramon Morant), which happens to be an ideal show/party venue as well as a recording studio, with a Brooklyn hipster loft feel and a comfy bar/hangout room as well as appropriate live music room.

Speaking of fantasy fulfillment, I also got to be a bartender for the end of the evening after our graciously borrowed professional went home. I'm pretty sure I was awesome at it. But this was definitely about the time when state of consciousness went from pleasantly buzzed to devastatingly drunk (hard to resist all that liquor, especially whilst serving delicious mixed drinks to lovely friends). But Sunday's all-day hangover was merely a testament to the greatness of the party.

Additional thanks and props to: our door guy, KT; unofficial, self-appointed door guy Justin; sexy bartender Christina. And of course our readers, friends and fans who came out and made it a scene.

Well, now that that's over, we'd better get back to telling you what to do/eat/see/listen to in CT.

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  1. I was in the car totally set to drive the two hours and surprise Katie. Then