Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Handsome) Kelvins Unplugged

Friday, Aug. 6: The Kelvins @ Sully's Pub

Oh dear, look how handsome and brooding Greg and Eric from the Kelvins (we totally know them) look with their acoustic guitars. Wouldn't Greg look so right with a falcon on his shoulder? And Eric should totes get a wolf.

They are opening for a band that may be called High Planes Drifter, or High Plains Drifter, or some variation thereon (apparently lots of bands have taken this upon themselves). It's a bit unclear. However, we have it on good authority (from their recording engineer) that the Kelvins are no longer a stylish cock rock band, as we may have previously indicated, but a psychedelic pop band with a bunch of great new material, which we, for one, can't wait to hear.

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  1. I just snarfed my Hooker IPA when I read the part about the falcon and the wolf!!!