Monday, August 16, 2010

ATM @ RAW: Show us your centipedes!

Friday, August 20: Human Centipede Pre-Op w/ CT Scenic @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

OK, so we basically only blog about ourselves now. Last week we issued a challenge of sorts to Real Art Ways, suggesting that a great way to kick off gross-out torture porn medical nightmare horror flick The Human Centipede's run at the theater would be to get patrons to pose for pictures as human centipedes. Well, they wisely recognized that this is a genius fun idea and asked CT Scenic to host the shenanigans, which will take place before the movie's Hartford debut, Friday Aug. 20.

In his review, Roger Ebert famously refused to assign any stars to The Human Centipede, deeming "the star rating system unsuited to this film," and warns viewers that "no horror film I've seen inflicts more terrible things on its victims than The Human Centipede." He also said "you don't want to be part of the Human Centipede at all, but you most certainly don't want to be in the middle."

Wait, yes you do. Come to Real Art Ways Friday, bring friends, and show us your centipedes. The Scenics will be there with special treats (probably donuts, duh) and pre-meds to facilitate your fusion. Real Art Ways will be selling beer and wine (as always). Hopefully your "heads" will be considerate and drink for three. Antics will be fully clothed/non-pornographic, so if your friend groups are as slutty as ours, we reckon you've already done much, much worse together, hygienically speaking. We already 'peded up (at our amazing party). And not because we were drunk, but because we said we would do it in a previous post. And look - these ambitious cosplayers took it to the next level. Really, it's no biggie.

The Human Centipede will play at Real Art Ways Aug. 20, 21, 27 & 28, 9:30 p.m. We've been saving ourselves to see it in the theater so watch it for the first time with us!

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