Saturday, August 7, 2010

OMG Idea!!!$%#$%^!

I'm sure you've all heard about the Human Centipede. In fact, if you really wanted to see it, you probably have by now. So it's kind of a shame that this cult classic in the making will be so late coming to Real Art Ways (Aug. 20, 21, 27 & 28). Nevertheless, such a vile film - I think - deserves the communal movie theater experience. I know I've been saving myself. It's also a shame Real Art Ways didn't give me that job I really wanted for them, because now I'll probably have spend the rest of my life sticking my fingers up dog's assholes, AND they don't get to take credit for great ideas like this one:

I challenge Real Art Ways to challenge their Human Centipede viewers to pose for Human Centipede photos with their friends when they go to see the show. Fully clothed is fine. The very notion is hilarious and awkward enough. Think about it peeps. And make it happen. CT Scenic will be there - we've got the right ratio!


  1. Dear God. I watched that movie, and at the end, wondered "is there something wrong with me?" And then I think I somehow got my best friend to watch it, because there is something wrong with all of us.