Tuesday, August 24, 2010

(Musical) Friends of the Blog Week

Remember that great band Sidewalk Dave from our fabulous party? Your new favorite band? They have two New Haven gigs this week. Wednesday night they play at BAR and Thursday night they'll be at Cafe Nine. We're psyched about rock shows at BAR. We've seen some great acts there over the years, like Adam Franklin and Magnolia Electric Company, and they have some of the coolest looking bathrooms in the state! (Which you know we'll document for you if we make it down.)

How about that superfun punk band from our party? The Midnightmares? You can see them this Saturday in East Hartford at 125 Riverside Drive. It's part of the Advocate's Grand Band Slam, which the paper seems to have neglected to create a page for on their great website.

And those Brooklyn hotties Katie Scenic liked so much the other night? They'll be playing in Stamford on Friday at someplace called Rack n Roll (not really our neck of the woods, unfortunately) with CT gal Daria Musk, who seems very nice, if not exactly our type. They are also playing in Hartford on Saturday at Up or On the Rocks, and we can't think of another - er, a better - reason to go there. Aw, we kid. They've booked some other "friends-of-the-blog" lately, so they must be alright. Looking forward to this gig for sure!

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