Friday, August 13, 2010

Brooklyn in Hartford: Black Taxi

There's no greater thrill for a blogger like me than when I get treated like a real media outlet. So when I got an email from some publicist I don't even know encouraging me to come down and cover her artists playing at the Asylum Cafe tonight, I was all about it, sound unheard.

But I'm so glad I went, because Black Taxi put on a great show, and they were really nice new guys for me to have crushes on. So, like, everybody wins. Asylum Cafe is not the hippest venue, it's just this room... with pizza... and a bar... and no stage. Look, it's no Monster Lab. But the room was pretty full of people - a very straight, preppy audience of normals, not my usual artistic elite crowd. And these normal people were dancing, and the women were dressed all sexy and wearing their stripper shoes. So if that's any kind of barometer of success (and I think it is), I would say this band was hot stuff.

Actually, I knew they were good the moment I laid eyes on frontman Ezra. OMG doesn't he look like Adrian Grenier? OMG haven't I made that comparison about somebody before? Anyway, sexy guys like that don't grow on fucking trees, OK? It was obvious we were dealing with a "total package" here.

The band made a great first impression by opening up with the surf theme from Pulp Fiction. Adrian - I mean Ezra - played trumpet. The next song he had a xylophone around his neck... then he busted out his megaphone. And his keyboards. And his classic Mick Jagger dance moves.

Their sound reminded me of important hipster bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Cold War Kids, and they pulled off very convincing Rolling Stones ("Miss You") and Talking Heads ("Life During Wartime") covers.

I would totally go see these guys again (and not just because drummer Jason said he might send me a picture of him and his roommates doin' the centipede, or because guitarist Bill responded very well to my chatting up). And you can too! You have your chance coming up, August 28 they'll return to Hartford for a show at Up Or On The Rocks.


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  1. Up or On the Rocks? Asylum Cafe? What is hApPennInG?