Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will the real Muni Reunion please stand up

Although I'm much too young to remember the Municipal Cafe, rumor has it that it was one of Hartford's key venues for local bands way back in the 90's. Now it's back, for one day anyway. August 14 2010, the Muni lives again. Former head honcho Mad Murphy (Steve McKay) has put together a lineup of the best bands that could still carry a tune some 15 years later. Who, you ask? Well how about Max Creek, Neybas, The Midnight Sun, Monster Band, Bud Collins Trio, and Flipper Dave. For tickets go here.
Every good event needs a little controversy, and I've picked up some rumblings. It seems that Mad Murphy opened up the Muni's basement and there was quite a rave scene that developed in that dank space. The rave rats were unhappy to be left off this event, so they organized another unofficial event on another date. Unfortunately, that date conflicts with our awesome Blogaversary, which you are of course attending. I mean why spend $10 per drink when you can come by our place and drink for free (not really free, we're gonna hit you up on the way in, but then it's "free" - ed.)? And they will not have donuts.
To sum it all up:
August 14th, the Municipal Cafe reunion show, put on by the man who was there, Steve McKay.
August 7th, CT Scenic Blogaversary.
Be seeing you....

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  1. Not that anyone seems to be reading this at this point, but even 4 years after the fact, why not clear up what seems to be a little misinformation here. The "rave rats" didn't organize an unofficial event. The owner of the Muni name organized the rave related event. The band one was actually unsanctioned. Also, bands played there earlier than the 90's, though DJ's and House music were also there before then. The thing is that while bands did have a good run there along with house music, the House music and Rave scene called that building home for a good decade longer than the bands did.