Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bronze Radio Return Returns

Friday, January 28: Bronze Radio Return @ Up or On the Rocks, Hartford

We've mentioned Bronze Radio Return before, and how, of all the CT bands - including our Favorite Bands - these guys probably have the most commercial potential. This doesn't mean we like them best (duh - we prefer stuff that clears rooms), but it might mean that you - and any swoon-prone ladies in your life - will. Groupie their asses before they become rock stars (yeah, like they don't all have girlfriends), and let's all support Up or On the Rock's brave booking of original local talent against Hartford's explicit preference for terrible cover bands.

The band is also celebrating the release of their second album, Shake! Shake! Shake! Somebody get those boys some phenobarbital!

Don't like our predictable jokes and irreverent tone? Here's what the Courant had to say about Bronze Radio Return, with more actual details about Friday's show.

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