Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Dong Market Revisited: Potent Man Tea and More!

I've blogged about A Dong Asian grocery superstore before, and the wealth of exotic cheap eats to be found therein. For serious Asian foodies, this place has it all - roosters with they heads still attached, fish, fresh produce, heavy duty cooking ware. Or for mere snack tourists like me, there are aisles upon aisles of affordable rice and bean based treats and interesting beverages.

On a recent visit with DH, we noticed "Potent Man Tea" and had a laugh about the sexy packaging. But walking hard-on DH made some quip about needing impotent man tea instead, so we left this one alone. For the moment. A day or so later I was back at the spot with our newest Scenic, Laura, who agreed that virility in a teabag is a must drink.

We went back to her place and turned up the heat (on the oven, to boil some water). The label indicates this product will nourish the kidney's yin and yang and help improve a man's "strength, vitality, endurance and well-being." IN BED! HA! It also told us what we already know: "The real measure of a man lies in his masculinity, vitality and his character." IN BED!

Objectively speaking, this tea is an herbal blend including ginseng and licorice and a bunch of other stuff. It's got a pleasant, slightly spicy flavor to it, and as long as I don't start growing any (more) burly black chest hair, I'm totally drinking it!

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