Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We just totally met this guy, and here he's playing a show!

Wednesday, January 26: Jarrod Gorbel (The Honorary Title), M.T. Bearington (Matt Thomas solo), John Parson @ BAR, New Haven

(She isn't drunk, she's a mime)

The other night at the Bobbie Peru/Kimono Draggin' gig we saw this hipster looking guy (beard, tattoos, Magic Hat No. 9), so obviously we had to chat him up, which went kind of like this:

CT Scenic: Is that your girlfriend?
Guy: No, I just met her.
CT Scenic: Is she on drugs? I'll have what she's having.
Guy: No, she went to mime school.
CT Scenic: No shit? Haha, like that Bobcat Goldthwait clown movie. Robin Williams is teaching mime school. It's a classic. Anyway, she should probably ask for a refund. I am not buying her glass box routine.
Guy: I gotta check that out.
CT Scenic: This band (Kimono Draggin') is awesome.
Guy: Yeah, I played in bands with these guys. 
CT Scenic: What bands?
Guy: One of them was called Leaves of Lothlorian.
CT Scenic: That is so hot. Are you in a band now?
Guy: My band is called M.T. Bearington.
CT Scenic: We totally know you!

He'll be performing this Wednesday at BAR, part of the new series of free weekly Manic Productions gigs.

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