Saturday, January 22, 2011

We were at the casino; everybody had matching towels

Nostalgia junkie that I am, I have a great fondness for the B-52s. My sister and I grew up listening to them constantly, and I still enjoy their fun and quirky music as an adult. They are also super fun to see in concert, which is why I made the trip down Route 2 to casino land, specifically, the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. This outing was also a celebration of my sister's 26th birthday- Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Our first stop at the MGM Grand was Shrine, a pan-asian joint with decent service, decent food, and ridiculous prices. Like, unacceptably so. How did an order of the General's chicken and some "creative" yellowtail sashimi come to $35?

Throw in some cocktails that we could have gotten off Tisane's $5 menu, and we were up over $60.

Then it was on to wander the casino. For those of us who work hard for very little money, gambling is not an attractive activity (nor is eating at Shrine). Especially since its not even a very entertaining activity. I don't know how to play any card games, and I've played on the slot machines a few times just for the sake of doing it. Really, all you do is put your money into a machine, and continue to press buttons until its gone. How about a casino that was like an arcade? We love playing Skee Ball and Whack a Mole and Pac Man. Imagine if you could bet your skills at arcade games for cash, instead of tickets to redeem for novelty teeth and silly bandz!

We stopped into the casino bar for some pre-concert beverages. When my sister asked for a "tall" White Russian, the bartender informed her that their drinks were tall like she is. Well, thats sad.

After (quickly!) finishing our round of shrimpy drinks, we were ready to enter the theater. But not before stopping off at the concession stand for some overpriced chardonnay and a stealth picture of this Yankees fan:

Hey, sometimes one baseball tattoo on your skull isn't enough! But, I digress. On to the concert!

From Fred Schneider's opening barks of "Whats that on your head?!" (Kate and Cindy's reply: "A wig!") to their closing crowd favorite, "Rock Lobster", the band was high energy and lots of fun throughout their entire set. Their performance highlighted songs from their 30+ year career, including "Private Idaho", "Cosmic Thing", "Planet Claire", "Mesopotamia" and "Party Out of Bounds". They looked and sounded great, and some of the audience members were also really fun to watch. One guy wore a lobster costume and danced in front of the stage all night. An enthusiastic woman sitting to our right had some really impressive new wave dance moves and joined us in our own dance party, until a guy sitting behind her complained that he couldn't see. She felt awkward and sat down. Really? Don't come to see the self-described "tacky little dance band from Georgia" to sit there and be a dick. After several attempts to get her back up and finally, a promise that I would fight anyone who tried to stop her from dancing and having fun, the good times resumed for our nice neighbor.

Fred, with his trademark overly enunciated delivery and ridiculous posing, was my favorite to watch. Kate Pierson's and Cindy Wilson's voices sounded great, and Kate can still hit those high notes- no problem. The B-52s put on a fantastic show and we would love to party with them again. Please return to casino land soon!


  1. I went to a casino recently.

    Don't smoke due to asthma.
    Don't gamble due to being cheap.
    Don't drink much besides craft beer.

    It was awkward.

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