Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hartford Artspace Action

Friday, January 14: Andre Balazs & Kate Callahan @ Artspace, Hartford
Saturday, January 15: [un-art] opening reception @ Artspace, Hartford

As our regular readers will know, our favorite events are those featuring friends-of-the-blog. Partly because our attention spans are too damaged to get fired up about new things, but also because we are total starfuckers, so our friends are some of the hottest talent around. So if by some miracle you're reading this but actually aren't one of our friends - by all means, check them out! We don't keep meh performers in the picture socially. It's just too awkward.

Well, it's going to be a friends-of-the-blog extravaganza at Artspace Hartford this weekend, starting Friday night with a concert by area songwriters Andre Balazs and Kate Callahan. We've riffed about Andre's good looks and "premature oldness" on the blog before, though the truth is that now we're all  kind of actually old, so maybe that joke just isn't funny anymore. But that's neither here nor there! He's this great keyboard and songwriting talent. Sometimes he goes to Bikram with us.

Saturday night there's an art opening. This particular show is a massive unjuried group thing (we are all about group things), which is just going to be all kinds of art all over the place by a million different peeps we probably know half of, along with a DJ and nearly-free boozing. So don't worry about "knowing anything about art" if you don't and just enjoy the arty party. 

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