Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cinco de Mayo happenings at City Steam

Drink away your Cinco de Mayo to the sweet sounds of Shuli Egar, John Tole and CT local Claudia Stavola. They will be at City Steam this Thursday to hilarify you and raise funds for our most favorite film festival, the Silk City Flick Fest. You're not having deja vu, we went to a very similar fundraiser last year, and had a super time. Shuli made all our favorite kinds of jokes; penis jokes, Jewish jokes, midget jokes, etc... but even better was when another comedian dropped the "faggot"-bomb, and all the homosexuals in the audience dramatically gasped in unison. Well, that guy apparently was not invited back, but judging by the blow-up doll on Claudia's webpage, she is our kind of lady. Come down, drink delicious local beer, hear funny things, and support this year's film festival!

PS. We know downtown sux, but there will be free parking on Morgan Street!

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