Monday, May 9, 2011

I call that a donut, the best I ever had

Sorry CT, sometimes I've got to get away. This weekend I left your sorry ass for Brooklyn, where I drank beer, ate a turkey sandwich, had some mediocre latenite diner food, consumed copious amounts of iced coffee, watched dvds, played videos on youtube, listened to tunes on Grooveshark - stuff I simply cannot do here at home. Well, the least I could do was review some indie donuts while I was there! You remember how we used to review donuts on the regs before donuts went and jumped the shark?

(Professional donut model Will has his work
cut out for him staying so fit selling donuts)

Sunday morning my host and I walked to Dough. I immediately noticed that the donuts were the size of small pillows, then gawked over enticing flavors like chocolate chipotle and hibiscus. Ultimately, I played it kind of safe with a cinnamon sugar donut and one slathered in chocolate "with cocoa nibs." These donuts were huge, but I ate two - for you. And while I am so happy that they were as delicious as one could possibly hope, it is with some regret that I admit they are better than any of those CT donuts we tried last year, which will now pale in comparison. The cinnamon sugar one tasted just like perfect, fresh fried dough, and the topping on the other was rich, real chocolate. Can a thing be moist and fluffy at the same time? Yes, I do believe it can. What if a sheep got left out in the rain? These donuts were simultaneously moist and fluffy. I must report that the "dollars to donuts" exchange rate we've boasted of before is less favorable when we're talking about New York gourmet donuts; in the city, we are only half as wealthy.

(Lucky girl! Katie Scenic can't get over how big it is!)

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  1. "(Lucky girl! Katie Scenic can't get over how big it is!)"

    I'm trying to contrive a "That's what she said" comment, but it's not happening.