Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lunching in Woodbury

Ohhh Woodbury. You are slowly becoming my favorite CT town, and today may have just sealed the deal. With 2 hours to kill betwixt work appts, I wandered Route 6 in search of some entertainment. I headed for one of my fav indie natural food stores, New Morning, but instead pulled into the Good News Cafe to investigate. I hesitated in my car for a few, until the Meat Without Feet truck pulled up, and decided that was a sign to go in.

I've been driving by this place for months, but the timing was just never right until now. The sign is a little confusing, partially why I hadn't ventured in yet. I mean, can I get a cup of coffee to go or what?

I kind of expected to walk into Tisane when I opened the door, and I wasn't too far off. The walls are covered in artwork - paintings, photos, a mural in the bar, some weird sculptures hanging from the ceiling; and there is a case housing some Bridgewater chocolates and other baked items.

I sat at the bar, ogled some guy's martini, and perused the menu. A bit pricey, so I got the vegetarian-soup-of-the-day and some oysters. (I know. Weird.)

The soup was some kind of kale, chickpea concoction that far exceeded my expectations of a veg soup. The oysters were.. yknow.. oysters. I chatted up one of the "regulars" sitting next to me who shared his abundant knowledge of the restaurant, the owner, and other sights to see in CT. Apparently this restaurant is often written up as the best restaurant in CT and is visited by celebs on route to their summer homes. (Swoon? Whatever.) The owner, Carole Peck, has been featured on Martha Stewart several times and just opened another restaurant literally across the parking lot, Zeeburger. Apparently it's the cat's pajamas. (Maybe I would have known any of this if I ever read other blogs?) Coincidentally, we love cheeseburgers this week, and can't wait to check that out. Bob, our new friend at the bar, explained how he helped shape the new burger place with his suggestions of putting syrup in the milkshakes, and cooking the burgers by request, not just guessing. He also suggested Heinz ketchup, but doesnt think Carole will go for it. She makes everything from scratch, no artificial-anything allowed.

Here is Bob's coconut cake. He insisted that it be included:

Well, I still had 45 minutes to kill, so I went for round 2 - an iced cappuccino and a chocolate-peanut butter cookie.

Everything was just delightful. I would definitely come back, however, Zeeburger is next on my Woodbury agenda. Who knew there were amazing restaurants just sitting there on route 6 all this time? Not only is the food amazing, but the staff were friendly and willing to talk Bob and I through our lunches. The bartender, Michael, was both charming and informative. He told me about the Bethel Cinema, which used to be a porn theatre but now plays indie films. And some hiking trails nearby at something called Steep Rock. Looks like we have our work cut out for us in the-middle-of-nowhere, CT. Stay tuned.

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