Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One night stand with a sexy out-of-towner

Our facebook friends know we've been trying to get a buzz going for this Texas band that's swinging through town this Thursday. We caught wind of them because a.) they've been living out a van  on tour and they smell and b.) they're friends of our Brooklyn boyfriends, Black Taxi, who we were totally hot for at their Hartford debut. The Bright Light Social Hour fellas look and sound like damn good stuff, so we feel really lucky to catch them at a stage of their career when they don't just automatically skip Hartford (or only stop here for snacks), which is why we've been pestering you all so hard to actually turn out for this one. Check out their whole album  - it's great!

We're kind of out of touch with genre, but we're pretty sure they're hipsters (the pineapple is a dead giveaway). These days everything "cool" just sounds like the Rolling Stones in their disco phase to us. By which we mean classic but funky and danceable (these are good things). And oversexed - just look at that mustache! 

In deference to the short attention span and run-of-the-mill FB event invite fatigue we're sure you all experience, we've attempted to hook you by pairing this exciting band show with our first ever "Guerrilla Han Solo Bar," which will henceforth be Scenic code for something we extra especially think you should check out, even more than the other stuff we think is also worth your time. We assure you the Scenics and at least one other person that we know of will be there dressed as Han Solo (sometimes we just dress like this anyway). So of course we encourage you to get on that too. Because who doesn't enjoy shooting first, palling around with Wookies, and pairing a studly dark vest with an chest-baring pale shirt, amiright?

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